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Get direcly - Ã'Form a people chain on the football field to spell the words "DRUG-FREE" and have. Sponsor a "Drug Free" 49. dance-a-thon for "Drug Free" pledges 50. free printable mexican flag Free Printable Pledge Forms Papers and Research , find free PDF download For Profit Organization Bowl-A-Thon Pledge Sheet The Bowl-A-Thon is the major National SAVE Rock-A-Thon your SAVE chapter will have a tremendous impact on improving safety while helping to achieve SAVE’s vision of schools being safe and secure, free of fear and conducive to learning. Funds received from the National SAVE Rock-A-Thon will enable National SAVE to continue its

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Hillsdale Boys Basketball Free-Throw Fundraiser Dear Friends of the Hillsdale Boys Basketball Program, This year, our student athletes will be participating in a free-throw fundraiser in order to finance our program. Each student athlete participating in the basketball program will be asking people that they know to sponsor them. 2105 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 510-524-4822 [email protected] BOWL-A-THON Pledge Form Bowl-a-Thon will take place Sunday, July 21 st, 10 am at Albany Bowl (540 San Pablo Avenue – four blocks north of Solano) Annual PCF Bowl-A-Thon SAMPLE CORPORATE SPONSOR LETTER Dear [salutation, name] Every year more than 12,000 infants and children are diagnosed with cancer, and I am committed to doing all I can to help eradicate that devastating disease. On [Day/Month/Date/Year], I will be participating in the Annual Strike Out Pediatric Cancer PCF Bowl-a-thon hour he/she rocks in the Rock-a-thon. Up to a max contribution of _____????” Or it might be $10 a hour up to $200. Get M ultiple Sponsors: You may think rock a hour for $10 that’s a long time for a little. But if you find 10 people to sponsor you to rock a hour at $10 each you raise $100 in that same hour. Get as many sponsors as you can to ... Home of the Cub Scout Pack 817 Rock-a-Thon Charity Fundraiser at Saint Gregory The Great Catholic Church, 200 North University Drive Plantation, Florida 33324 Sponsor Printable Pledge Form - 2017 Rock-a-Thon A donation is a gift given by physical or legal persons, typically for charitable purposes and/or to benefit a cause. A sponsor is the individual or group that provides the support, similar to a benefactor. A variety of free and printable donation and sponsorship forms are offered on this page. Pledge sheet template word bowling score example walk thon sponsor for fundraising images of leseriail. Pledge sheet template free for fundraising walk thon sponsor how to organize bowling tournament. Pledge sheet template examples for fundraising walkathon form how to organize bowling tournament fundraiser.

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the future. The Rock-a-thon raises money for an incredible cause and you make it happen!! The 2013 Eyer Rock-a-thon raised $17,668: Yeah. We are kind of a big deal. Last year was a record setting Rock-a-thon. We had an unprecedented number of student participants who were absolutely wonderful and came through every step of the way. A sponsorship form template is used to record information about fund raising for any project. A sponsorship form includes information about the project to be sponsored, names of key participants of the project with the addresses and contact details, amount contributed Walk-a-thon sample letter was created by michmom We are doing our first walk-a-thon fundraiser and I need help with the letter home to parents introducing this. It will be replacing our brochure fundraiser this year!

Our youth group did a Rock A Thon. Each student asked for pledges from friends, family and neighbors to see how long they could rock in a rocking chair & playing video games. The kids had to bring their own rocking chairs or gaming chairs that rocked. They also were allow to bring their own non-violent video games and systems to play. ), with “ASP Rock-A-Thon- Your Name” in the memo. 2. All pledges are due back by February 17th. It’s easier if you collect them in advance and bring them to the RAT. 3. Bring a copy of your paper sponsor sheet(s) with you to the Rock-a-thon, along with any pledges you have collected in advance. Plan to turn in the copy and your $$. ROCK-A-THON Saturday, March 3 1 p.m.—4 p.m. Rock with us! Become a Rocking Team Rocking Teams can consist of 1-3 people. Get sponsors and rock for a few hours for charity! Rockers will solicit “sponsors” for their rocking chair from family, friends, or neighbors. Sponsors pledge money per hour the team rocks.

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Walk-a-thon sample letter was created by michmom We are doing our first walk-a-thon fundraiser and I need help with the letter home to parents introducing this. It will be replacing our brochure fundraiser this year!